Meet the Stars of "Lock and Key"

Welcome to the enchanting realm of "Lock and Key." Discover the faces that bring the series to life

Jackson Robert Scott: The Young Prodigy

Delve into the world of our young prodigy, Jackson Robert Scott, who portrays Bode Locke. Unravel his journey from horror movies to the mysterious halls of Keyhouse.

Darby Stanchfield

Meet Darby Stanchfield, the maternal figure of the Locke family. Learn about her dynamic portrayal of Nina Locke and her contribution to the series.

Connor Jessup

 Connor Jessup's role as Tyler Locke, the strategic sibling. Explore how he navigates the challenges within Keyhouse.

Emilia Jones

Dive into Emilia Jones's performance as Kinsey Locke. Uncover the echoes of emotion she brings to her character.

Griffin Gluck

Unravel the secrets behind Griffin Gluck's character, Gabe. Join us as we explore the complexity he adds to the Lock and Key narrative.

Layne McEdward

Meet Layne McEdward, the magical Scot of "Lock and Key." Explore the charisma he lends to the character of Duncan Locke.

Sherri Saum

Embark on the mystical journey of Sherri Saum as Ellie Whedon. Uncover the layers of her character in the series.