5 Scariest Horror Movies to Watch

5 Scariest horror movies to watch
5 Scariest horror movies to watch

Being crazy about horror movies is not a new thing. Are you bored of watching the same old horror movies, then in this blog we will show you the stories of 5 Scariest Horror Movies to Watch. Only a few people can watch these films completely.

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1) (The Exorcist, 1973)

Whenever we talk about horror movies, the name of The Exorcist movie always comes to our mind. Because this film is based on a true incident. This film is said to be the scariest horror film till date. This film was released in 1973 and was included in the hit films of that time. In the film we are shown that a 13 year old girl Regan becomes possessed by a terrifying demon

2) (The Shining, 1980)

Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining, this horror film was released in 1980.  This film is based on Steven King’s novel The Shining.  In this film, we are shown a man named Jack who used to be a school teacher.  Now, while searching for a quiet place to pursue writing, he reaches Hotel Overloop to take up the job of a caretaker.  So that along with work, he can also focus on his writing.  During the interview, the manager here tells Jack that the old caretaker here, out of madness, had killed his own two daughters and his wife with an axe, and later committed suicide.  Later Jack shifts here with his family.  Gradually, there is a change in Jack’s nature and he and his son start seeing the same old dead people and those two twin girls. What happens to this family later, whether the family is able to get out of here or not, you have to watch this film.  Will be known only after.

3) (Ring, 1998)

This film is a remake of the 1998 Japanese film whose name was also Ring. The story of the film starts in 2013 where we are shown a plane in which a boy tells a girl that he had seen a video tape a few days ago in which very strange things were shown and after that I got a call and It was said that after seven days you are going to die and today there are 5 minutes left for seven days. He gets scared and goes to the toilet of the plane but suddenly we see Samara’s ghost coming out from the pilot’s screen. And plane was crash. Who is samara  what was story about this video tape and what happen later will be known after watching this film

4) (The Others, 2001)

It is possible that the life we ​​are living may not be true but the truth may be something else and what we are living till now may be just a dream. This story is also similar, the film begins in Jersey the Channel Island 1945, where Grace lives in a big house with her two children Ann and Nicholas. What happens to them next will leave your mind dizzy. The ending of this film is one of the best horror film ending i’ve ever seen.

5) (Get Out, 2017)

At the beginning of the film we see a couple named Chris and Rose, Chris is a photographer and rose his beautiful girlfriend Today Chris is a little bit nervous because today he goes to meet Rose’s parents at her house. Rose parents name Dean and Missy. Rose’s mother is a psychiatrist and her father is a neuro surgeon. Ros’ mom hypnotizes chris so he could quit his cigret habit. Rose parent behaviour is also strange thay doesn’t look like what thay are. what happen to Chris you will know after you watch this movie but i make you promise this movie ending make your head spin this film has 2 ending you will find out in youtube afther you watch movie. 

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