Best hindi movies on netflix

Netflix is a one of the best movie and web serise streaming platform in the world Netflix have a largest hindi movies library on their platform. Netflix always update and add recent launch Hindi movies for their Indian audience. In this article we’ll explore the top 10 hindi movies available on Netflix

The popularity of Hindi movies on netflix

Hindi movies have a global fan base over this past few year afther the secret games web serise critically success on netflix. This web serise Superhit on netflix. and all around the world movie and web serise fans turn into Hindi movies. And they love to watch new hindi movies because hindi movies have Their unique blend of drama, romance, music, and vibrant storytelling has a universal appeal. Afther RRR win oscar for best original song Naatu Naatu

Globely people little bit know more about Indian cinema and its wide range diversity and thay love our Hindi cinema. Netflix push hindi cinema Globely to reach new hindi audience.

best hindi movies on netflix

Now, let’s see our best handpick list of top 10 Hindi movies that you simply can’t miss on Netflix.

10}”Stree” (2018)


Movie Name:- Stree 

IMDB Rating:- ⭐7.8/10

Director:- Amar Kaushik

Writers:- Raj Nidimoru, krishna D. K, sumit arora, pawan sony

Cast:- rajkumar rao, Shraddha Kapoor, pankaj tripathi, Aparshakti Khurana, Abhishek Banerjee

Genre:- horror, Comedy 

Released Date:- 31 August 2018

Runtime:- 128 minutes  (2H 9min) 

Movie budget:- ₹14 crore

Let’s talk about a funny movie of 2018 called “Stree” which is partly scary and partly hilarious.  The story is about a small town called Chanderi.  Where every year, during a special festival, a mysterious ghostly woman named “Stree” arrives.  She has a strange habit of carrying away men, leaving only their clothes behind.Now our main character in the story is Vicky, played by Rajkummar Rao.  He is a skilled tailor and falls in love with a mysterious woman named Shraddha, played by Shraddha Kapoor.  As the festival approaches, Vicky’s friends and townspeople become worried about the woman’s journey. As the story progresses, the woman kidnaps Vicky’s friend Jana and then Vicky and his gang decide to confront the woman, and that’s when things get really interesting.  The film shows how people believe in superstitions, how what a group believes in can become powerful, and the clash between the supernatural and real life. But wait, there comes a twist at the end that will surprise you.  You will come to know who the woman really is and why she is doing all this, what she is doing, it will force you to think even after the film is over.“Stree” is not your typical horror film.  The film also makes you think about traditional ideas about how men should treat women.  Plus, it’s a movie that’s really satisfying to watch.  In short, if you’re looking for a different kind of horror-funny movie, “Stree” is it.”

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9}” Article 15


Movie Name:- Article 15

IMDB Rating:- ⭐8.1/10

Director:- Anubhav Sinha

Writers:- Gaurav Solanki, Anubhav Sinha

Cast:- Ayushmann Khurana, Manoj Pahwa, 

Kumud Mishra, Isha talwar, Sayani Gupta

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, nassar. 

Genre:- crime, drama, action

Released Date :- September 15 2023 

Runtime :- 130 minutes

Movie Budget:- ₹30 crore

Article 15″ is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language film directed by Anubhav Sinha. The film introduces us to Ayaan Ranjan, a young and idealistic IPS officer, played brilliantly by Ayushmann Khurrana. Ayushmann Khurrana (Ayaan Ranjan) is a  Posted to an area where caste-based discrimination is deeply entrenched, Ayaan Ranjan is initially shocked by the harsh realities he has to face. However, his life  A new twist comes when he is assigned a challenging case: the inexplicable

disappearance of three lower caste teenage girls. In a society where the local police is influenced by the upper caste elite, Ayaan sets out on a quest for justice.  The film serves as a powerful exploration of the ongoing struggle against caste-based oppression and discrimination, be it on the basis of religion, caste, race, sex or location, while bringing to life the core principles of Article 15 in the Indian Constitution.

Designed to eliminate discrimination based on  Article 15 movie makes us understand the discrimination going on in the society in a good way

8}” Wake Up Sid


Movie Name:- Wake up sid

IMDB Rating:- ⭐7.6/10

Director:- Ayan Mukerji

Writers:- Ayan Mukerji, Niranjan Iyengar

Cast:- Ranbir Kapoor, Konkana Sen Sharma

Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak, Rahul Khanna, Kashmera Shah

Genre:- comedy, drama, romance 

Released Date :- 2 October 2009 

Runtime :- 138 minutes

Movie Budget:- ₹18 crore

Wake Up Sid is a 2009 action thriller film based on the story by Sid Mehra, starring Ranbir Kapoor.  Sid’s life is all about having fun and escaping from his chores until he crosses paths with a girl named Ayesha. Ayesha Banerjee, played by Konkana Sen Sharma, is in the film.

Wake Up Sid’ beautifully depicts the challenges we face in life as we grow up, making it a heart-warming film that will connect with anyone who has ever experienced a vulnerable youth.  Have traveled the path from childhood to adulthood

7}” Taare zameen par


Movie Name:- Taare zameen par

IMDB Rating:- ⭐8.3/10

Director:- Aamir Khan, Amole Gupte

Writers:- Amole Gupte

Cast:- Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan, Tisca Chopra, Vipin Sharma, Tanay Chheda

Genre:- family, drama

Released Date :- 21 December 2007

Runtime :- 164 minutes

Movie Budget:- ₹12 crore

Taare Zameen Par, released in 2007, is a heart-touching Indian film that focuses on the life of a young boy named Ishaan Awasthi who struggles with a disease called dyslexia. The disease makes it difficult for the patient to read, write and speak.  Trouble comes and unfortunately, his teachers and indeed his own family, his parents fail to understand his struggle, and send him to a boarding school.There he meets a kind-hearted art school teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, played by Aamir Khan, who recognizes Ishaan’s dyslexia.  The film beautifully depicts Ishaan’s emotional journey.  How his teacher Ram Shankar gradually cures him from this disease is shown to us in this film.

6}” Tamasha


Movie Name:- Tamasha 

IMDB Rating:- ⭐7.3/10

Director:- Imtiaz Ali

Writers:- Imtiaz Ali

Cast:- Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

Genre:- comedy, drama, romance 

Released Date :- 27 November 2015 

Runtime :- 139 minutes

Movie Budget:- ₹87 crore

Tamasha, a 2015 Bollywood film, revolves around Ved, played by Ranbir Kapoor, who loves listening to stories.  When Ved goes to visit a city named Corsica, he meets a girl named Tara. Ved and Tara have a lot of fun together in Corsica. They know each other by different names.

Later, Tara comes to her house in Kolkata and Ved  Also goes back to his life.  But Tara starts loving Ved in her heart, that is why she starts searching for Ved and after 4 years she finds Ved, both of them are very happy to see each other.  But now there has been a lot of change in Ved, he is no longer like the old Ved, he lives a simple life, but Tara does not like this change, she wants Ved to live the old life with fun, that is why Tara and Ved are in conflict.  Tension builds in between.  How Ved changes himself to convince Tara, how he becomes like the old Ved, this is shown to us in this film. This film is one of the best films of Ranbir Kapoor’s career. 

5}” Swadesh


Movie Name:- Swadesh

IMDB Rating:- ⭐ 8.2/10

Director:- Ashutosh Gowariker

Writers:- Ashutosh Gowariker, Sameer Sharma, ayan mukerji

Cast:- Shah Rukh Khan, Gayatri Joshi, Kishori Ballal smith seth, lekh Tandon, rajesh vivek, Daya shaker pandey, farrukh Jaffar. 

Genre:- drama, social issues. 

Released Date :- 17 December 2004

Runtime :- 195 minutes

Movie Budget:- ₹25 crore

Swades: We, the People, released in 2004, chronicles the journey of Mohan Bhargava, played by NASA scientist Shah Rukh Khan, who returns to India in search of his childhood grandmother.  On reaching a remote village, he has to face the harsh reality.  Of people living without basic amenities like electricity and clean water.

This experience creates a transformation within Mohan, which inspires him to stay in the village and work towards bringing electricity to the community.  The film beautifully portrays his personal growth from an isolated scientist to a socially isolated person.

Underlines the importance of being a responsible individual, connecting with one’s roots and contributing to the betterment of one’s motherland.  With Shah Rukh Khan’s mesmerizing performance, “Swades” delivers a powerful message about personal responsibility and the ability to bring about positive change in society, with Shah Rukh Khan portraying the character of Mohan very well in the film.  The audience also liked this film very much.

4}” Masaan

Movie Name:- Masaan
IMDB Rating:- ⭐
Director:- neeraj ghaywan
Writers:- Varun Grover 
Cast:- Richa Chadda, Vicky Kaushal, Shweta Tripathi, Sanjay Mishra, vinit kumar, pankaj tripathi, bhagwan tiwari, bhupesh Singh, Satya kam anand, nikhil sahani,
Genre:- drama, independent, social issue
Released Date :- 24 July 2015
Runtime :- 90 minutes
Movie Budget:- ₹80 Crore

Masaan,” is a 2015 Indian film directed by Neeraj Ghaywan. The film is set in Varanasi, a spiritual city. The film skillfully interweaves the lives of its characters, where it explores deep themes of love, loss, and societal expectations. The film takes us on a journey through the interconnected stories of its characters, each grappling with their own conflicts and desires against the backdrop of this ancient and culturally rich city.

It is an exploration of the human experience that comes with life. offers glimpse into the complexities of relationships and traditions. The film stars Richa Chadha as Devi Pathak, who struggles with the burden of social stigma and shame after a secret romance ends in tragedy.  Meanwhile, Vicky Kaushal’s character Deepak tries to break free from his lower caste background and build his career. This movie teaches us a lot about life. You should definitely watch this movie once in a life.


Movie Name:- Andhadhun
IMDB Rating:- ⭐8.2/10
Director:- Sriram Raghavan
Writers:- Sriram Raghavan, Hemanth M. Rao
Pooja Ladha surti, Arijit Biswas, Yogesh Chandekar
Cast:- Tabu, ayushmann khurrana, radhika apte, Anil Dhawan, manav vij, zakir hussain,
Ashwini kalsekar, chhaya kadam, pawan Singh, kabir sajid,
Genre:- crime, drama, Comedy, thriller
Released Date :- 5 October 2018
Runtime :- 138 minutes
Movie Budget:- ₹32 crore

Andhadhun is a 2018 Indian film directed by Sriram Raghavan.The film is an entertaining rollercoaster film full of suspense and puzzles. The story of the film focuses on a boy named Akash, whose character is
played by Ayushmann Khurrana. Akash pretends to be a blind man. He teaches people to play the piano. He somehow has to collect Rs 2 lakh and go to London, that is why he pretends to be blind. How this drama gradually becomes a punishment for him is shown in this film. It is a funny crime thriller film which you must watch once in a life.

2}” Drishyam

Movie Name:- Drishyam
IMDB Rating:- ⭐8.2/10
Director:- Nishikant Kamat
Writers:- Upendra Sidhaye
Cast:- Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Shriya Saran, Ishita Dutta, Mrunal Jadhav, Rajat Kapoor, prasanna ketkar, yogesh sonam, prathmesh parab, rishabh chaddha
Genre:- crime, drama, thriller, Mystery, social issues.
Released Date :- 31 July 2015
Runtime :- 160 minutes
Movie Budget:- ₹38 crore

Drishyam is a 2015 Indian crime thriller film directed by Nishikant Kamat. The film tells the interesting story of ordinary man Vijay Salgaonkar, played by Ajay Devgan, who is an ordinary cable television operator and lives in a small town in Goa with his wife and two daughters.

Lives in a quiet place. In the film, we are shown that Vijay likes watching films, especially crime films, he watches such films all night long. Vijay is a fourth generation man but his mind is very sharp. One day, when a boy makes a video of Vijay’s daughter taking a bath and blackmails him by going to his house, then it is a mistake, he gets blood on his hands, later it is revealed that the boy is the son of IG of Goa. How vijay save his family from this murder? That is what is shown to us in this film. This is one of the best film of Ajay devgan carrear I’m also enjoy this film.

1}” Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Movie Name:- Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
IMDB Rating:- ⭐8.2/10
Director:- Zoya Akhtar
Writers:- reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar.
Cast:- Hrithik Roshan, abhay deol, farhan Akhtar, Katrina kaif, Kalki koechlin, deepti naval, naseeruddin shah, ariadna cabrol
Genre:- romance, comedy, drama,
Released Date :- 15 July 2011
Runtime :- 153 Minutes
Movie Budget:- 55 crore

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a 2011 Indian Hindi film directed by Zoya Akhtar, which beautifully tells the story of three friends, Kabir, Arjun and Imran, played by Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol. Just before Kabir’s wedding, these three friends go on a trip to Spain. This journey takes them through thrilling experiences like skydiving and bull racing. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a cinematic journey that inspires all of us to enjoy the incredible adventures of life. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is one such film. This is a film which you must watch once in your life. This film teaches us a lot, that is why this film is at number 1 in our list.

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