Fukrey 3 Bollywood’s Hilarious Comedy Gem Movie (2023) Reviews | Cast, Released Date & Trailer

Fukrey 3 Movie reviewBollywood is recognized for its wide range of movies, which is include everything from
serious dramas to hilarious comedies.
The funny and entertaining “Fukrey” is one ofthose comedy that made audiences laugh In this article, we will go into the world of “Fukrey,” looking at its cast, release date, and the movie’s visual and chemistry that made this movie hit in audience.

Fukrey 3 movie

Fukrey Movies Overview :-

Fukrey” is a Bollywood comedy Movie that’s stands out for its unique Comedy timing, humor and the drama.

Fukrey Movies first part Released in 14 June 2013 and second part Released in 8 December 2017 and it’s both movies super hits. And its 3 Movie released on 28 September 2023

This movie story is set in Delhi. and its story around four friends – Hunny, Choocha, Lali, and Zafar. Choocha have an unusual ability call DEJA-VU where Choocha’s dreams are prophetic, and Hunny use his dream and creat a lottery number which is alway correct they use this skill to make money through gambling.on the other hand, Zafar is a musician and trying to win the heart of his love interest, Neetu and Neetu is a Lalli’s Math teacher

Fukrey 3 Main Cast:-

1} Pulkit Samrat > Hunny Sharma

2} Varun Sharma > Choocha

3} Pankaj Tripathi > Pandit Ji

4} Richa Chadha > Bholi Punjaban

5} Manjot Singh > lali

Fukrey 3 Released Date :- 

Fukrey 3 is an upcoming Hindi movie scheduled to be released on 28 Sep, 2023

FUKREY 3 TRAILER REVIEW: –  in the trailer we see bholi punjabant want to back his old life and power. That’s why bholi punjaban want to win a election and revenge for what fukrey did with him . On the other hand hunny Sharma is oppositions election candidate of bholi Punjaban in a Delhi election. This movie is all around bholi punjaban and fukrey election



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